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Each TTpendant is handmagsdde by fabricating the metal around the stones that I have selected during the designing process. If a piefbgce you are interested in is marked sold, contact me and I can usually make another that is very similar. 

14k amethyst and peridot pendant Chrome Chalcedony and Pearl Pendant Moonstone Pendant Sugilite Pendant sugilite and peridot pendant

14k gold, amethyst and peridot pendant.  The amethyst is an antique cushion cut with checkerboard faceting.  

Call for price.

Chrome chalcedony and pearl set in a sterling silver pendant.  With chain $425.     SOLD

Large moonstone set in silver pendant.  With chain $390.

Sugilite and silver pendant.  With chain $375.     SOLD

Sterling silver, sugilite and peridot pendant.  With chain $375.     SOLD

mook jasper pendant

Sterling silver, mook jasper pendant.

With chain  $260.    SOLD

Moonstone,boulder opal,sugilite pendant Blue drusy quartz pendant

Rainbow moonstone, boulder opal, and sugilite are set in 14k gold and silver in this one-of-a-kind pendant.  


Blue drusy quartz set in sterling silver.  $350.   SOLD

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The pendants below are some recent work I have created using 14k gold and sterling silver.  If a piece has been marked as sold, I can usually make another that is similar for you.

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IMG_2197 IMG_2249 IMG_2278 IMG_2285 IMG_2288 IMG_2309

Custom made 14k gold and garnet pendant.  

Blue moonstone set in 14k gold.

Custom made 14k gold and ruby pendant.

Sterling silver and pearl spiraling heart pendant.  $195

Sterling silver and pink tourmaline spiraling heart pendant.  $275

Pink rhodocrosite and pearl pendant.