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My jewelry is designed using gold and silver set with semi-precious and precious stones.  Many of the stones are from stone cutters that I have met over the years at gem shows.  I spend many hours looking through stone collections trying to find the most beautiful stones that I can.


Each piece of jewelry is made one at a time, directly fabricated from the gold or silver delivering a more unique, one-of-kind piece of jewelry.  This is the way that I like to create my jewelry, which differs greatly from jewelry that is cast.  Casting is more of a mass production technique.


When a piece of jewelry is cast, you start by making a wax model, pour a mold of plaster around it, burn it out in a kiln, then inject the molten metal into the mold.  Now the piece needs to be ground and polished.  So, except for the grinding and polishing, you're not really working the metal like you do when hand fabricating.


Fabrication is hammering or forging, bending, filing, grinding and soldering the metal.  To me, this is really working the metal.  Taking a hard and rigid material and making it fluid, making it do what you want it to do is a very satisfying way to create my jewelry designs.

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