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Five Stone Bracelet.   All the links are soldered making a strong bracelet.  $450

Beachstone cuff bracelet Beachstone cuff bracelet Beachstone split cuff bracelet Beachstone belt buckle

Cuff bracelet.  $265

Cuff bracelet.  $265

Split cuff bracelet.  $265

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Below are a few examples of beachstone bracelets and the variety of stone paterns found.  I can always email to you photos of other pieces that I have in stock.

Freeform belt buckle.  $350  Without belt.

IMG_1934 IMG_1940 IMG_2174 IMG_2193 IMG_2194

Hook clasp bracelet.  $265

Charm bracelet.  $160

Cuff bracelet.  $265

Five stone bracelet.   $450

Oval pendant.  $180